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I am Instagram‘s filter; use it

Is there a new form of Ready-Made between smart working and digital spaces in the new digital era?
It starts from an ordinary object such as the chair, used as a fulcrum. The research intends to reflect on how the idea of smart working was taken to the extreme during lockdowns and still used as a form of intelligent work.
Analyze how the transformation of people’s private and professional spaces has been incorporated into a new hybrid form that connects the real world and the digital one. Consequently, eliminating the barriers between our private and professional lives of all of us. The chair then becomes a point of connection between these worlds.

I am Instagram‘s filter; use it

How it works

use your instagram profile

Use your Instagram profile to share your space idea with us.

use it with your stories

Stories or Feed? Why not both?

select #chair filter

Select #Chair filter and use it with your stories or feed.

share your work with us

Please share your work with us through the #

Do you want help us to increase the project?

Would you like to collaborate on the project by helping us to expand the artistic research and say something about you and what is your ideal space? Joining the project is simple.

  • The first step is to open your Instagram app and create a story with our filter that has been created especially to use with the project.
  • The next step is to share your work with us. You have two options. You can share your work through email or use the hashtag #takeapart when creating the story and sharing it on our Instagram profile.

The idea is to collect as many works as possible to create a unique collective work to be presented later in a new form, like an exhibition or a collaborative artist’s book.